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About Kokott, Wood & Associates

Focused on the Convenience Store and Petroleum sectors, Kokott, Wood & Associates, Inc. (KWA) provides Executive Recruiting services to the retailers, distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, IT and OEM companies interacting with these industries. Utilizing an extensive Candidate database, we have the privilege of representing many outstanding Candidates, experienced within the critical disciplines necessary to manage a successful business venture. Depending upon the need, we actively place mid-management to C-level executives, both with industry experience and/or with related channel experience.

Executive Recruitment is not just about finding a job for a Candidate or about providing Candidates to our Clients - it is about finding that exceptional match for both the Client and the Candidate. KWA's proprietary search process is structured around a clear understanding of the Client's needs (both immediate and long term), their management structure and philosophy, and most importantly the Client's Company Culture. Understanding the Candidate's qualifications and needs is paramount in this process as well and our staff conducts extensive research into each Candidate's situation. This effectively eliminates any roadblocks to a successful placement. Qualifications are certainly important, but the Candidate's needs must also be strongly considered. If the match is not perfect, both the Candidate and the Client lose in the long term. Continuous and timely communication with all parties involved keeps everyone in the loop and updated throughout the entire process and ensuing relationship.

KWA has been founded on a concept of QUALITY. We will not be the fastest. We won't submit volumes of Candidates. We are committed to presenting FULLY QUALIFIED Candidates in a timely manner.

The Principals Leading Our Executive Search Team:

Klaus Kokott – Partner

With an exceptional domestic and international petroleum marketing and convenience store industry career of nearly 25 years, Klaus provides deep insight into the aptitudes, attitudes, skill sets, experience and track record candidates must display to be successful in our clients' organizations. Having held positions ranging from accounting staff at a major US oil firm to VP of Sales and Marketing with a recognized leader in the C-store industry, he has either managed or worked alongside professionals in nearly every department and utilizes his functional understanding to ensure candidates grasp the importance and interdependencies of their roles.

His industry executive roles provide recruiting expertise in retail (operations and marketing), fuel sales (commercial, dealer, contract supply), project management, strategic plan development and implementation, succession planning, market expansion, and logistics.

His long-term relationship approach, business orientation and retention-focused mindset provide key value to our clients. He provides social intelligence, behavioral profiling, occupational interests and related assessments to ensure a strong position match.

Richard "Dick" Wood – Partner

Dick utilizes his extensive professional background to strategically grow the organization and to help client companies successfully achieve their business objectives. He brings a keen capacity for leadership, comprehensive business acumen, exceptional attention to detail, and outstanding skills in identifying operations, marketing and technical talent. Dick's career began in the supermarket industry as a box-boy in the mid 60’s working for an independent grocer. He earned his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Southern California in Food Distribution and Marketing. Soon after, he began his Convenience Store career in 1972 and progressed to the level of Senior Vice President of Marketing for a 1,125 store chain in the Southeast. In 1987, he started his own highly successful consulting firm, working both domestically and internationally providing operations, marketing, and supply chain expertise. He entered the Executive Recruiting profession in 2004 and has developed a very loyal business following based upon providing Clients and Candidates with the highest level of honesty and ethical service.

John Krapf - Executive Search Consultant

John brings 35 years of experience in the petroleum and convenience store industries to Kokott, Wood & Associates LLC. His in-depth experience in retail operations management, as well as national category management in both the franchise and company operated aspects of the business, makes him an expert at identifying successful candidates.

With long and progressive tenures at two companies, John has an excellent ability to highlight the key professional and personality traits needed to identify candidates with the best potential for long-term and successful relationships.

Having been a successful hiring manager for many years, John's experience provides clients with the knowledge that only candidates demonstrating the best fit for the company and opportunity will be presented.

Diane Gunlogson - Executive Search Consultant

Diane has more than 25 years experience in Retail Management, primarily convenience store industry. As a previous owner, she is a recognized expert in her ability to increase sales and profits by successfully identifying and recruiting top quality management personnel. She understands what a company needs in its employees to increase business, and what skills candidates must demonstrate in order to be successful in the industry. Let Diane's expertise in our channel help your company address its long term recruiting needs.

Kokott, Wood & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to providing innovative, comprehensive and impactful solutions to the Petroleum and Convenience Store industries.

Industry Expertise

Our executive industry experience provides the knowledge base and networking strength to successfully meet the needs of clients within and supporting the convenience store and petroleum sectors.

Convenience Store and Petroleum Marketing

Retail Operations | Category Management | Marketing | Merchandising | Human Resources | Accounting & Finance | Loss Prevention & Safety | Information Technology | Senior Executive | Project Management | Real Estate | Food Service

Petroleum Wholesale and Distribution

Commercial & Industrial Fuel Sales | Dealer & Contract Sales | Fleet Card | Lubricant Sales | Transportation and Logistics | Terminal Operations | Fuel Trading & Risk Management | Communications & PR | Food Service

CPG / Grocery Suppliers, Distributors and Brokers

Sales | Sales Management | Purchasing | Supply Chain | Warehouse | Distribution


Car Wash | Dispenser | Building & Construction | Design & Engineering | Sales

IT and Service Providers

Software Engineers | IT Management | POS | Payment Processing | Project Management & Implementation | Database

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Why Kokott, Wood & Associates

Kokott, Wood & Associates specializes in placements of executives, management, IT, and other professionals in the C- Store and Petroleum Industry. With over 60 years of actual industry experience, our executive search professionals have the knowledge and insight to identify the right candidate to excel within your organization.

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  • Testimonials

    My experience with Kokott, Wood & Associates was extremely positive from first contact to job offer. Klaus Kokott and Dick Wood are long-time members of the c-store industry. We all spoke the same language. Both recruiters are quite personable, which makes the often nerve wracking process of a job search a little more enjoyable. Even though the first position they presented did not work out, they persisted in seeking out other opportunities for me to find a great organization to advance my career. They were very discreet and professional. Klaus communicated with me regularly during the search period. Dick had legitimate, long term relationships with hiring managers and human resources professionals at the company I am with now.

    Environmental / Compliance Professional, Southern US Read More

  • Testimonials

    "Klaus carefully orchestrated an action plan geared to differentiating my unique talents from the rest of the crowd. He readily made himself available to offer guidance and conduct thorough mock interviews designed to bring out my personal strengths and value to the hiring company. His focused approach not only helped prepare me for the interview process, but gave me the confidence that I was the right person for the job. Klaus is a top notch recruiter committed to strategically preparing clients for positions he has deemed are a strong fit. He truly cares about the success of his clients and the contributions they will make to the organization."

    Category Manager, Southwest US Retail Company

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  • Testimonials

    "I wasn't sure of the value of your Retained Search process when you first proposed the concept to me. I can now tell you (and others), it is the only way we'll ever conduct another search. You told me it would save me time, eliminate frustration, and provide me with a selection of 3-5 very qualified Candidates. I was truly impressed with the detail of Candidate information and your qualifying process; it was as if I knew the Candidate before I ever interviewed them. The time you spent with us, learning about our business, our culture and what this key position would be responsible for was time well spent. The most difficult task for us was that of making the final selection... "

    Fred - President/CEO - Retailer - East Coast

    Read More
  • Testimonials

    Having been a part of the recruitment process on both sides of the table I can definitely say that my experience with Kokott, Wood & Associates was a privilege. From the initial stage of describing the role & the company to the final negotiation stage - Kokott, Wood & Associates made sure all parties were well aware of the situation at hand. There wasn't one point in the process where I wondered where things stood and what next step(s) needed to take place. Their ability to communicate their client's expectations, company culture, and need(s) for the role could not have been better. It was a pleasure working with Kokott, Wood, & Associates, and I would highly recommend working with their professional team. I look forward to the next time I deal with them as a client.

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  • Testimonials

    “Now that everyone is settled in, I have a few minutes to say thank you for your assistance in helping me land this position. Prior to my job search, I had never worked with recruiters and didn’t think I would ever need to. As you know, I had my resume with several other companies, but I’m glad your posting worked out for me. For starters, your description of the company, the hiring manager (now my VP), the pay plan and the area were so correct. This really helped us in deciding to pursue this opportunity and was especially helpful when we moved here. It was as we expected (hoped) it to be.

    Thank you so much!

    Wholesale Fuel Manager, Midwest Fuel Wholesaler / Distributor

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